Kingsgrove Cricket Academy can tailor individual Coaching packages or Group Coaching Clinics for overseas visitors or Touring Teams.

On this page we will provide examples of students and groups we have helped in the past so you can get an idea of the different types of programmes we are capable of providing for our very special guests. Here we will aim to track their performances and careers in the years that follow.

Example 1. Aakash Raval from India
Age - 13
Date of Programme - November 2002
Type of Programme - 1 Week - 15 hrs 1 on 1 Coaching.

The Package we included for Aakash and his father Dr. Raval included coaching from Former Australian Test Cricketer and Captain Brian Booth, Hamish Solomons and Barry Davison. All facets of his game were covered including Sports Psychology by our resident Sports Psychologist, Alan Mantle. We also organized Accommodation nearby, a day tour of Sydney and the Sydney Cricket Ground, Days watching St George First Grade side play and train at Hurstville Oval and we even were able to organize vegetarian meals for lunch and dinner.



Thu 30th 11.00am 3 Batting / Bowling with Hamish Solomons

Fri 1st 2.00pm 3 Batting / Bowling with Brian Booth
Fri 1st 6.30pm 1 Batting with Barry Davison

Sat 2nd - Free day – Watch First Grade game at Hurstville Oval - Time with Brian Booth

Sun 3rd 9.00am Sunday Squad optional – 3 hrs with Hamish Solomons
Sun 3rd 1.00m 3 Batting / Bowling / Fielding with Hamish Solomons

Mon 4th 9.00pm 2 Batting / Bowling with Hamish Solomons
Mon 4th 2.30pm 3 Batting / Bowling with Brian Booth

Tue 5th 9.00pm 2 Batting with Hamish Solomons
Tue 5th 2.00pm 3 Batting / Bowling with Brian Booth
Tue 5th 3.30pm 1 Batting with Barry Davison
Tue 5th 5.30pm 1 Psychology with Alan Mantle
Tue 5th 6.30pm 1 hour Spinners workshop with Ray Hall

Weds 6th 9.00 3 Batting / Bowling / Fielding with Hamish Solomons
Weds 6th 4.00pm Watch St George Grade training with Hamish Solomons

Thu 7th 2.00pm 3 Batting / Bowling with Brian Booth
Thu 7th 3.00pm 1 Mental Application with Brian Booth
Thu 7th 3.30pm Batting with Barry Davison
Thu 7th 5.30pm 1 Psychology drills with Alan Mantle

Fri 8th 10.30am Day tour of Markets / Amanda Owens Sydney Cricket Ground Sportstour

Testimonial - Dr Raval

Resp Sir , 
I am very lucky that my son has taken cricket coaching at Kingsgrove Cricket Academy, an Academy with Best Coaches , Best Facilities , Better Management & Highly proffesional way of coaching.
Sir here is a detailed report of our visit to KCA as follows -
Hamish -- Your way of assessment to Aakash before starting coaching is something different . Your approach towards Aakash is very good & what you did is that you have not tried to change his natural talant but you have put more emphasis on improving his weakness. Your way of coaching is such that you give ball to ball advice & you have changed Aakash in 60 minute session. Sir here I would like to thank you for giving extra 30 minute session without taking extra charges.
Technique Correction on Leg Side with different speed is unbeliveable. I can say that you have put my Aakash 3 to 4 years ahead in 60 minute session by way of your coaching. Even in bowlling department you have given advice in form of Run up , follow through , Flight , Line & Length.
Your way of training in innings build up & aggression in extremely good. We follow the advice you have given after each session. So your professional approach in Aussie Way of coaching has made Aakash a better cricketer & we hope for better result in time to come. Sir my special thanks to your coaches for their Coaching.
Bran Booth : A legendary coach has handled Aakash as a son. His approach during session quite warm, his drills in Batting & Bowlling is very very good, if players follow his advice he always come with success. When he put his hand on shoulder of Aakash he feels warm which has given enthusiasm to Aakash. I can say we are very lucky that we came to KCA & Aakash received coaching from Brian Booth. Please give blessing to Aakash for his cricketing future. Sir Aakash will never forget your advice to use shoulder while playing sq cuts.
Barry Davidson : A coach with master craftsmanship. His words during coaching in nets has carried on, Aakash will follow for as long as he plays cricket. His advice about using the shoulder while playing leg side shots to come into the line of the ball has changed Aakash to play shots on Mid wicket & mid on. His advice is such, Aakash forget play squarish on sq leg. My special thanks to Barry for great Coaching. His advice to use feet to Spinner in nets has change Aakash very well. Alan Mantle a Sports Psychologist, a man who has changed Aakash temperament by his tuition at KCA. I can't find words for Alan because his tution is so informative & created a new dimention in Aakash's cricketing future. He has made Aakash mentally very strong that he will face any hurdles in life. My very very thanks to Alan Mantle for his Sports Psychology tuition at KCA.
Hospitality : Very Very Good. All arrangements, Stay, Transportation, Tour to SCG is fantastic.
Managament : Our visit to KCA very well planned. All scheduled in time & above all free coaching for 30 minute session {Thanks }. Even open nets at St George Cricket Club quite informative.
Treatement at KCA : We are treated as a family member by Coaches , Staff of Kingsgrove Sports Centre , { even while purchasing shoes fron KSC we find very good approach by staff for selection of Shoes } My special thanks to MOM [ Hamish's mother for giving us prepared food from home & as well as mother touch to Aakash. Geoff Hoggett always treat us as a family member when we where at KCA.
Finally I can say that I am very glad that I have trained my son at KINGSGROVE CRICKET ACADEMY, Australia's Best Cricket Academy at Sydney in Aussie Way. The Academy has changed my son Aakash in Batting , Bowlling & Sports Psychology department. My Best Regards to All at KCA & KSC, Your's Sincerely, DR.H.C.RAVAL.

Tracking - What has happened Since his training -

Dear Mr. Hamish , I am glad to inform you that your student Aakash Raval has been selected as Opening Batsman of Gujarat State [equivilent to NSW]. He will represent the state in National Championship at Vijay wada. Sir credit goes to your coaching & the coaching of Brian, Barry & the master psychologist Alan. Thanks, DR.H.C.RAVAL.


Example 2. Hirokazu (Junior) Takahashi from Japan
Age - 26
Date of Programme - July 1997 - July 1999
Type of Programme - One lesson a week

Junior during his two year stint in Australia also worked in the cricket store and played two seasons of week-end cricket. It was the total cricket journey and experience.


Coaching at KCA showed me many variations of cricket, which I've never seen and felt before in my own country. Things I've experienced there totally improved my techniques and helped me to achieve good result as a national representative player. Also gave me lots of ideas what I can do and what cricket a developing country, like Japan, should work on now and future.
I'm really proud of having coaching at Kingsgrove Cricket Academy and appreciate the coaches kindness and passion for cricket.

Tracking - What has happened Since his training -

Playing for Japanese national team as a vise captain. Next tournament is East Asia Pacific tournament in Christchurch, N.Z. Jan 2004.
Working as a head coach of Japanese Women's squad, which will participate IWCC Trophy in Netherlands, July/August 2003.

Latest - MEDIA RELEASE from Cricket Australia 22 August 2003 ICC developing nations to participate in 2003-04 Australian Country Cricket Championships For the first time in its 19-year history, the Australian Country Cricket Championships (ACCC) will feature a team from outside Australia’s borders. The host organisation, Country Cricket Australia (CCA) has invited a combined side from the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) East Asia Pacific (EAP) region to compete in the January 4 – 15 event at Mt Gambier in South Australia.

Junior is one of only 2 Japanese players chosen in this squad. We wish him the best of luck.

Example 3. Divya Gulati from USA
Age - 21
Date of Programme - June 2003 - August 2003
Type of Programme - Five lessons per week


I am a 21-year-old Indian who currently lives in the US. I have just completed my bachelors in Computer Engineering and plan to continue on to further graduate studies. Before joining graduate school I had 2 ½ months of vacation and decided that they would be best spent in Australia learning some cricket. I am glad that I made the right choice and was lucky to find the Kingsgrove Cricket Academy without too much trouble.

I took one batting session (1 session = ½ hour) daily and one spinner's clinic session (1 hour) once a week. I found the coaching here wonderful from my very first session. I am naturally a very wristy player and used to play all my drives just using my wrists. Dick, one of the academy's 5 level-3 coaches, took just 10 minutes to figure out what exactly I was doing wrong. He immediately advised me to correct my backlift. Initially I found it really hard to adapt to this new technique, but an inspirational story of Greg Chappell changing a part of his technique successfully when he was close to retirement, and practicing some interesting batting drills made the technique more natural for me. Dick also taught me a unique and simpler way of playing the pull shot that involves the mechanics used by baseball batters. I am grateful to Dick for this. My head used to fall a little to the right just before the ball had been delivered. Graham, another level-3 coach, spotted this quickly, and I could immediately feel the difference in my body balance. Graham also taught me the backfoot drive and how to play against the outswinger. Barry, probably the most respected coach at the academy, taught me how to play against the inswingers and the spinners. Ray, the coach who conducts the spinner's clinic, helped me improve my leg spin immensely.

One of the best aspects of taking coaching at the KCA is the opportunity you get (especially on Thursdays and Fridays) to bat and bowl against other guys who play high level grade cricket. This is completely separate from the coaching sessions that one may take there. For example, if someone is due for a batting session, instead of taking him/her to the bowling machine, the coach asks him/her to bat in one of the vacant nets, and also invites you to have a bowl at that batter. This way I've had the opportunity to bat and bowl against a couple of NSW players and some good grade players. This opportunity is invaluable and the academy does not charge anything for this.

The people at the academy are just wonderful. Twice I was about 20 minutes late for my batting session, and on both occasions I was given the full quota of 30 minutes. Once, when I was working with Hamish, his student who had a session right after me cancelled his session. Without even mentioning this, Hamish gave me this additional ½ hour in addition to my scheduled ½ hour batting session. Moreover, many times when I reached the academy early (even before 3:30, its daily opening time), I was allowed to use the vacant nets for batting drills.

I am grateful to the people mentioned above, and also to Brian Booth and James Turner, two of the other excellent coaches at the academy. I am particularly thankful to Geoff, who manages the schedule of sessions of all the coaches, for finding the best time slots for me as best as he could, and for most of the general cricketing information about Sydney that I needed.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the academy and plan to come back for about a month in December this year.

Divya Gulati.


Size Chart
Bat Weight Guide
Recommended bat weight based player's on height. These are guidelines only, players may use bats outside their recommended range.
Size Size Abbrev. Player Height (cm) Player Height (feet & inches)
0 0 110 - 122 - 4'
1 1 122 - 129 4' - 4'3"
2 2 129 - 137 4'3" - 4'6"
3 3 137 - 144 4'6" - 4'9"
4 4 144 - 150 4'9" - 4'11"
5 5 150 - 157 4'11" - 5'2"
6 6 157 - 163 5'2" - 5'4"
Harrow H 163 - 168 5'4" - 5'6"
Small Adult SA 168 - 175 5'6" - 5'9"
Standard Handle SH 175+ 5'9"+
Long Blade LB 188+ 6'2"+


Batting Gloves
Measure from the wrist to the tip of middle finger.
Size Size Abbrev. Measurement (cm approx.) Measurement (inches approx.)
Extra Small Junior XSJ -14.25 -5.6
Small Junior SJ 14.25 - 15.75 5.6-6.2
Junior J 15.75 - 17.25 6.2-6.8
Youth Y 17.25 - 18.75 6.8-7.4
Small Adult SA 18.75 - 20.25 7.4-8.0
Adult A 20.25 - 21.75 8.0-8.6
Oversized Adult OSA 21.75+ 8.6+


Batting Pad
Measure from the top of the foot (ankle bone) to the centre of the knee cap.
Size Size Abbrev. Measurement (cm approx.) Measurement (inches approx.)
Extra Small Junior XSJ -23 -9
Small Junior SJ 23 - 28 9 - 11
Junior J 28 - 33 11 - 13
Youth Y 33 - 38 13 - 15
Small Adult SA 38 - 41 15 - 16
Adult A 41 - 43 16 - 17
Oversized Adult OSA 43 17+


Measure around the chest from just under the arms.
Size Size Abbrev. Measurement (cm approx.) Measurement (inches approx.)
Junior 6 J6 56 - 59 22.0 - 23.2
Junior 8 J8 59 - 64 23.2 - 25.3
Junior 10 J10 64 - 70 25.3 - 27.6
Junior 12 J12 70 - 76 27.6 - 29.9
Junior 14 J14 76 - 82 29.9 - 32.3
Small S 84 - 92 33.1 - 36.2
Medium M 92 - 100 36.2 - 39.4
Large L 100 - 108 39.4 - 42.5
Extra Large XL 108 - 116 42.5 - 45.7
Double Extra Large 2XL 116 - 124 45.7 - 48.8
Triple Extra Large 3XL 124 - 132 48.8 - 52.0


Measure around the waist 
Size Size Abbrev. Measurement (cm approx.) Measurement (inches approx.)
Junior 6 J6 53 - 55 20.9 - 21.7
Junior 8 J8 55 - 59 21.7 - 23.2
Junior 10 J10 59 - 63 23.2 - 24.8
Junior 12 J12 63 - 67 24.8 - 26.4
Junior 14 J14 67 - 71 26.4 - 28.0
Small S 76 - 82 29.9 - 32.3
Medium M 82 - 88 32.3 - 34.6
Large L 88 - 96 34.6 - 37.8
Extra Large XL 96 - 104 37.8 - 40.9
Double Extra Large 2XL 104 - 114 40.9 - 44.9
Triple Extra Large 3XL 114 - 124 44.9 - 48.8