Reusch Fit Control Open Cuff FS

A higher level option for the up and coming junior goal keeper. The finger saves protect and reinforce fingers to help make the important saves, and the grip is soft enough to give you the advantage over the opposition striker.

Features include:

  • Fit Control wrap around wrist strap gives extra wrist support
  • Integrated finger support strengthens saving attempts

Grip Rating:

  • Grip in Dry Conditions = +6
  • Grip in Wet Conditions = +4
  • Cushioning = +4
  • Abraision Resistance = +5

Warranty Disclaimer: The condition of the glove's latex is not covered under the manufacturer's warranty. The warranty covers manufacturing faults such as splitting or stitching of the glove, and not wearing or tearing of the latex. For more information visit our warranty page.