TOP 10 CRICKET BATS | 2022-2023

TOP 10 CRICKET BATS | 2022-2023

It's that time of year again — time for another edition of Kingsgrove Sports' Top 10 Cricket Bats for cricket season 2022-2023! We've had a great season so far and have a really nice range of bats from all of our suppliers, from the top-end Grade 1 English Willow bats at the $1,000 mark to some of the best value-for-money clefts you can find this season.


Kicking off the list are a pair of honourable mentions that didn't quite make a spot on our Top 10 for this season.


Honourable Mention #1 — Gray-Nicolls Vapour HS Special Selection

Gray-Nicolls Vapour HS Special Selection Cricket Bat

A Kingsgrove Sports exclusive version of the Gray-Nicolls Vapour, the HS Special Selection is a super-full-profiled power bat made at Gray-Nicolls factory in Melbourne, Australia, specifically to the specifications of our founder Harry Solomons. It marks another consecutive year of having an HS Special Selection model from Gray-Nicolls in our cricket bat range, and once again they have flown off the shelves. The quality, ping, and performance always shines spectacularly for their value.


Honourable Mention #2 — Kookaburra Bubble Legend

Kookaburra Bubble Legend Cricket Bat

Another Kingsgrove Sports exclusive, this version of the iconic Kookaburra Bubble came through in an excellent Grade 2/3 profile with all the hallmarks of the Bubble shape, including the swell ridge and duckbill toe that it's known for. The quality is outstanding and the value for money is excellent!


#10 — Gunn & Moore Noir Signature

 GM Noir Signature Cricket Bat

A really nice model from GM, the Noir has been in their range for a couple of seasons now, and the Signature model comes in a Grade 2/3 English Willow profile which offers fantastic value for money with the performance. Sporting a sleek black colourway, the Noir Signature has a mid-to-low profile with a nice tall spine, big edges and minimal concaving. GM bats have a slightly fuller handle and are always balanced exceptionally well.


#9 — DSC Krunch Pro

 DSC Krunch Pro Cricket Bat

The DSC brand is a newer additional to the Kingsgrove Sports range of cricket products — after several seasons of them being in high demand, we brought on a full range of DSC cricket bats, pads and gloves. And they did not disappoint! The DSC Krunch Pro secures the number nine spot on our list. Though it’s at a top end price point, this mega weapon is wielded by none other than David Warner, and it certainly shows in the outstanding quality in this cricket bat.


#8 — Gray-Nicolls Silver

 Gray-Nicolls Silver Cricket Bat

No top ten list is complete without a bat from Gray-Nicolls, so of course the Gray-Nicolls Silver lands here at number eight. Made at Gray-Nicolls’ factory in Melbourne, Australia, the Silver is part of the Gray-Nicolls handmade bespoke range. Sitting toward the higher price range, the Silver has a full profile with a sublime finish, and with the grain, ping and performance you’d expect from a handmade top end bat. Finish it off with their trademark Softfeel grip and beautifully detailed stickers, and you’ve got an exceptional piece of willow.


#7 — BAS Player

 BAS Player Cricket Bat

Another brand that we haven’t carried as much of in recent seasons, BAS has made a comeback into Kingsgrove Sports with some great models, and now we carry an entire range of BAS cricket bats, pads and gloves. The BAS Player is a Grade 2 English Willow bat that performs exceptionally well and at a competitive price point. The full blade packs heaps of power into the hitting zone without adding too much weight, and they pick up very nicely.


#6 — Kookaburra Beast Pro Players

 Kookaburra Beast Pro Players Cricket Bat

Kookaburra’s reintroduction of the Beast has impressed us yet again this season with their top end Beast Pro Players. A really nice top end players-style bat, the Beast is expectedly some of the best willow you can get this season — and much to the delight of many cricketers, the weights we got this season were on the lighter side, averaging around 2 lbs. 7 oz., which isn’t typical of many players grade bats. And the detailing on the Beast sticker set is fierce and dynamic, making it a customer favourite for yet another season.


#5 — SS TON Ravindra Jadeja

 SS TON Ravindra Jadeja Cricket Bat

The SS TON Ravindra Jadeja model sports the big subcontinental profile that SS is well known for, and this year’s entries are exceptional. With massive edges, a tall spine, and beautiful grains, these bats are an incredible choice for the mid-range price point, offering players-style quality without the matching price tag. The willow they pack into this profile without added weight is tremendous!


#4 — SG Sunny Tonny Classic Black

 SG Sunny Tonny Classic Black Cricket Bat

The SG Sunny Tonny Classic Black comes in a clean and sleek black colourway that befits its name — but being a top end bat, the ping is where it really shines. In a full profile with a duckbill toe, the pickup and balance are excellent, and paired with its power, this model leads the range. SG deliver exceptional performance consistently across their range, and few better than the top end Sunny Tonny Classic Black.


#3 — Symonds Super Tusker Rhino Charge

 Symonds Super Tusker Rhino Charge Cricket Bat

We’re particularly proud to be behind the re-release of this iconic range — ever since our first reintroduction last season, the Symonds brand of cricket bats has been highly sought after, and not just for the nostalgia! The quality and performance in the Symonds range has been exceptional, and leading the way is the Symonds Super Tusker Rhino Charge. Classic looks and straight grains in the classic Symonds profile with spine and toe scoops, these bats are pressed beautifully and the ping and performance have been excellent. Get your hands on one of these if you can, they always sell out fast!


#2 — Kingsport Big Mondy

 Kingsport Big Mondy Cricket Bat

Some might say we’re biased, but if you got your hands on one of these, we reckon you’ll agree — the Kingsport Big Mondy bats this season are something incredibly special. Our flagship big power bat, the Big Mondy is a staple of our range, this season in a regal crimson and silver sticker set. But where the Big Mondy shines is in its massive profile. Though it’s generally on the slightly heavier side, they’re very well balanced and give you the power you need to clear boundaries — and at an incredible value.


#1 — Gunn & Moore Prima Players Edition

 Gunn & Moore Prima Players Edition Cricket Bat

They’ve done it again — Gunn & Moore’s top end player edition cricket bats tend to be the best willow you can get, and this season is no exception. Though any of their top end player models would have a home atop our list, we’re featuring the GM Prima Player Edition. In a replica shape modeled after the bat profile of South African cricketer Aiden Markram, you get a players grade, Grade 1+ English Willow, with a big edge and an incredibly full dome profile back. As typical in GM bats, the fuller round handle and Pro Lite grip make for excellent feel in the hands. And even though they’re around 2 lbs. 10 oz. on the scale, they’re exceptionally balanced and offer tremendous power and playability.


Size Chart
Bat Weight Guide
Recommended bat weight based player's on height. These are guidelines only, players may use bats outside their recommended range.
Size Size Abbrev. Player Height (cm) Player Height (feet & inches)
0 0 110 - 122 - 4'
1 1 122 - 129 4' - 4'3"
2 2 129 - 137 4'3" - 4'6"
3 3 137 - 144 4'6" - 4'9"
4 4 144 - 150 4'9" - 4'11"
5 5 150 - 157 4'11" - 5'2"
6 6 157 - 163 5'2" - 5'4"
Harrow H 163 - 168 5'4" - 5'6"
Small Adult SA 168 - 175 5'6" - 5'9"
Standard Handle SH 175+ 5'9"+
Long Blade LB 188+ 6'2"+


Batting Gloves
Measure from the wrist to the tip of middle finger.
Size Size Abbrev. Measurement (cm approx.) Measurement (inches approx.)
Extra Small Junior XSJ -14.25 -5.6
Small Junior SJ 14.25 - 15.75 5.6-6.2
Junior J 15.75 - 17.25 6.2-6.8
Youth Y 17.25 - 18.75 6.8-7.4
Small Adult SA 18.75 - 20.25 7.4-8.0
Adult A 20.25 - 21.75 8.0-8.6
Oversized Adult OSA 21.75+ 8.6+


Batting Pad
Measure from the top of the foot (ankle bone) to the centre of the knee cap.
Size Size Abbrev. Measurement (cm approx.) Measurement (inches approx.)
Extra Small Junior XSJ -23 -9
Small Junior SJ 23 - 28 9 - 11
Junior J 28 - 33 11 - 13
Youth Y 33 - 38 13 - 15
Small Adult SA 38 - 41 15 - 16
Adult A 41 - 43 16 - 17
Oversized Adult OSA 43 17+


Measure around the chest from just under the arms.
Size Size Abbrev. Measurement (cm approx.) Measurement (inches approx.)
Junior 6 J6 56 - 59 22.0 - 23.2
Junior 8 J8 59 - 64 23.2 - 25.3
Junior 10 J10 64 - 70 25.3 - 27.6
Junior 12 J12 70 - 76 27.6 - 29.9
Junior 14 J14 76 - 82 29.9 - 32.3
Small S 84 - 92 33.1 - 36.2
Medium M 92 - 100 36.2 - 39.4
Large L 100 - 108 39.4 - 42.5
Extra Large XL 108 - 116 42.5 - 45.7
Double Extra Large 2XL 116 - 124 45.7 - 48.8
Triple Extra Large 3XL 124 - 132 48.8 - 52.0


Measure around the waist 
Size Size Abbrev. Measurement (cm approx.) Measurement (inches approx.)
Junior 6 J6 53 - 55 20.9 - 21.7
Junior 8 J8 55 - 59 21.7 - 23.2
Junior 10 J10 59 - 63 23.2 - 24.8
Junior 12 J12 63 - 67 24.8 - 26.4
Junior 14 J14 67 - 71 26.4 - 28.0
Small S 76 - 82 29.9 - 32.3
Medium M 82 - 88 32.3 - 34.6
Large L 88 - 96 34.6 - 37.8
Extra Large XL 96 - 104 37.8 - 40.9
Double Extra Large 2XL 104 - 114 40.9 - 44.9
Triple Extra Large 3XL 114 - 124 44.9 - 48.8